The North Carolina
Alliance of Public
Health Agencies

Advancing North Carolina Public Health



Mission Statement

To enable forward-thinking and sustainable solutions for North Carolina Public Health by offering a wide range of services to support state and local partners.


The North Carolina Alliance of Public Health Agencies (NCAPHA, or more commonly, the Alliance) exists to support NC public health. Established in 1995, the Alliance is committed to offering service solutions to help local health departments reduce costs and increase efficiencies.


Our Services

Learn more about how the North Carolina Alliance of Public Health Agencies can help you can address your needs.

We provide cost reporting services and financial consulting to improve procedures for increased accuracy in accounting and billing. Explore now!

We work with health departments to help them meet their staffing needs and lower costs. Get started!

Why Public Health?

Public health improves our quality of life, helps children thrive, reduces human suffering and saves money. Every day, the public health field is working – often behind the scenes – to prevent hazards and keep people healthy.


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