Consulting services.

With over 25 years of experience working with local health departments, CDSA’s and other county service providers we can help you reduce costs, maximize settlements and increase efficiency and accounting accuracy.

Cost Reporting


  • Provide cost reporting services for the support of Local, State and Federal funding.
  • Assists providers with establishing and optimizing clinical fee structures.
  • Provide reconciliation of Medicaid managed care claims to ensure proper health department reimbursement.
  • Integrate various forms of cost and billing structures for review of settlement and directed payment outcomes.
  • Support providers with comprehensive audit compliance guidance.
  • Provide analysis of service cost and reimbursements to assist with health department financial planning.
  • Provide staff education and training.

Management & Financial


  • Develop and implement cost reporting structures for health department clinical services.
  • Develop and implement time management programs for service allocations for State and Federal cost reporting.
  • Assist with establishing health department fee structures for clinical services.
  • Audit productivity to measure and encourage cost efficiency.
  • Provide individual and regional trainings with a focus on integrated cost settlement and directed payments, understanding time allocations, definitions of clinical activities and changes in charge report requirements.
  • Assist with identification and resolution of irregular cost reporting.

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