About us.

NCAPHA • Supporting North Carolina public health since 1995.


Who we are.

The North Carolina Alliance of Public Health Agencies, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 1995 by a group of local health directors who needed a way to pool resources to negotiate more advantageous terms in vendor contracts.

Over time NCAPHA, or The Alliance, became the go-to resource for its members providing solutions to the challenges facing them.

We are committed to offering service solutions to help local health departments reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

Our members include all 86 local and district health departments in North Carolina. To find out more about these hardworking agencies, click here.

The North Carolina Public Health Collaboration refers to the North Carolina Alliance of Public Health Agencies (the Alliance) and its two sister organizations: the North Carolina Association of Local Health Directors (NCALHD) and the North Carolina Public Health Association (NCPHA). We work closely together, collaborating to advance public health in North Carolina.

Meet our team.

The team that helps us bring our mission to life and make our vision a reality.

Our Board

Our organization is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of dedicated and experienced public health professionals.